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Can a team with less than 5 people participate?

Students with 1-2 members may be paired up with another partial team. The combined team will have no more than 5 students. The group will compete as a single team.

Teams with 3-4 members can compete within their partial team or choose to be paired with another partial team to create a team of 5.

However, only teams consisting of 5 team members from the same school, non-traditional school, or youth organization will be eligible to represent Manitoba at the 2022 NCF-Envirothon, as per NCF-Envirothon Rules and Regulations.


Envirothon Rules & Procedures 

You can find the information on the Envirothon Rules & Procedures by clicking here. 


Registration Fee

It will cost $1,400.00 per team (on-site accommodation), or $1,100.00 (off-site accommodation) to register for the Manitoba Envirothon.


Will there be a regional event?

There will be no regionals this year, only the Provincial Event.  


NCF Envirothon Event 

The NCF Envirothon is being hosted in person at Mount Allison University in
Sackville, New Brunswick. The event takes place July 23 - 29, 2023. The Theme is Adapting to a Changing Climate. Find out more information here:


Among other prizes and awards, our First Place Manitoba Envirothon team of 5 students will receive sponsorship to attend the NCF Envirothon in New Brunswick! 

Alternatively, teams can choose to receive educational scholarships in lieu of the NCF Envirothon event. This will be a team decision to be made after our Manitoba Envirothon event. 

The winning Manitoba Envirothon team will need to determine if they are attending the NCF Envirothon by June 1, 2023.

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